We continue to tighten our exploration focus in Australia on oil prone basins, primarily in the Ceduna Basin and Vulcan Sub-Basin.

                                                                                                                                    Murphy holds four offshore exploration permits and serves as operator of three of the concessions.


Block: EPP43
Working Interest: 50%, operated
Area:  4,080,000 gross acres
Water Depth: 200 to 3,000 meters
Prospective for: Oil
Date of Entry: October 2013


Block: AC/P-57
Working Interest: 60%, operated
Area:  82,000 gross acres
Water Depth: 90 to 110 meters
Prospective for: Oil
Date of Entry:  April 2014

Block: AC/P-59
Working Interest: 60%, operated
Area: 288,000 gross acres
Water Depth: 50 to 250 meters
Prospective for: Oil
Date of Entry: March 2015 




Block: AC/P-36
Working Interest: 50%, non-operated
Area:  482,000 gross acres
Water Depth: 250 to 500 meters
Prospective for: Gas
Date of Entry:  November 2007




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