A Responsible company

Murphy strives to meet the highest standards of performance in all its operations.

Around the world, across the United States and throughout the Murphy enterprise, dedicated, well-trained and skilled people work proudly to help supply the energy on which this and future generations depend. Furthermore, they share an enduring commitment to do the job right.

Wherever Murphy is present, the policy is clear and the practice is the same: meet and surpass environmental standards, create a safe and rewarding work place and make positive contributions to the community.

 HSE Policy





Health, Safety, Environment

We are devoted to
optimizing health,
safety and security,
while minimizing
our environmental

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Whether funding
charities or building
bridges, we strive to
express our gratitude to
our neighbors around
the world.

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Believing education is
the most significant gift
one can bestow on
another, Murphy is
building brighter

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